Teen Wolf season 3 premiere revealed

I just read an article I found on my Twitter TL that says we finally get a confirmed date for when Teen Wolf returns to MTV. I have to say, it’s about time! I’ve seen the fandom lately and people are going nuts with all of this withdrawal!

Teen Wolf returns for s3 on June 3, 2013!!

It feels like it’s going to take forever to get to June, but hey…it’s better than August or September! Not that that was ever a possibility. Most fans had already figured out the most likely return date would be sometime in June. I’m just really good at panicking. Like, if it were an Olympic sport I’d totally win every time.

Still, it’s great that we finally have a confirmed date for the return of Teen Wolf. Some fans on Twitter have already started a countdown for how many days are left before we get the first ep of s3 (104 days).


Enjoy Better – Clean Up ft. The Walking Dead & Daryl Dixon

This had me grinning and laughing through the whole (short) segment, but my favorite parts were when Daryl showed up. He happens to be my favorite character from The Walking Dead and he totally made this commercial!

Did you see him? Did you HEAR him?? “Yes, ma’am,” and immediately hopped to it. I love this. Daryl’s such a sweetie, lol!

Sorry, I just can’t help fangirling when Daryl has just spilled awesome all over the place.