Young Avengers 001 (2013)

Oh wow! There’s just so much awesome in this book! It’s still fairly new out, so I don’t want to spoil anyone too much. Let’s just say that it’s packed with new developments! Teddy and Billy get the majority of the panels in the book, although we do get introduced to a few characters who are fairly new and will probably be featured prominently.

Teddy and Billy get a heartfelt moment, a bit of angst, and an on-panel kissing scene almost as soon as the book introduces them into the plot. So, we won’t have to wait several years for another one, woohoo! :p

Teddy manages to give Billy the kick in the ass that he needs (caring boyfriend style) to embrace who he is and the powers that he possesses. However, this leads to some horrible events right off the bat that I won’t spoil for you all. Especially since it involves the cliffhanger ending! It’s a comic, of course it’s got a cliffhanger ending.

All I can say to that is poor Teddy AND Billy, man! I knew as soon as Billy did what he did that it was going to backfire because that’s pretty much always the theme with events/actions like that.

The artwork is awesome, the dialogue is awesome, the plot is awesome. The only thing I thought was a little off was Teddy and Billy’s angst moment. I thought Billy seemed to agree and change his mind about how he’d been acting even though for the past year he’s apparently been in a funk and afraid of his own powers (according to Teddy). I thought his changing his mind and seeing it Teddy’s way and just suddenly seeming to snap out of it was a little abrupt and maybe should’ve taken a bit more time.

But, that wouldn’t have worked if they wanted to get everything into the book that they did. And, they did give Billy some pretty good incentive. Billy IS a superhero at heart, he is a caring person at heart, and he does love his boyfriend VERY much. He is committed to the relationship with Teddy, he’s committed to Teddy. So, maybe it wasn’t as abrupt as I feel like it was, considering everything Teddy laid out for him during their confrontation.

I just…wow. That ending. I don’t know what Billy and Teddy are going to do with that whole can of worms, all things considered. And I’m not sure how Billy’s going to take the realization that HE caused it. He had wanted to make things better for Teddy, but that was definitely the wrong way to go about it. And honestly, I feel like he should have known better from the events in the last Young Avengers comic series. Considering that EVERY single time someone did something even remotely like that it turned out horribly. I get why he did it, he had to make a decision right then and sometimes when you don’t have time to really think something over…well, you make a stupid decision. Billy made a stupid decision for the right reasons, but it was still a bad decision and it’s already had some very real consequences.

Billy’s good at beating himself up when something goes wrong, and these are some REALLY heavy consequences. I’m interested to see how he handles it when he finds out exactly what happened, why it happened, and how it was able to happen.

Also, this is going to be something that will heavily affect Teddy, as well. And after what he’s been through already, and just what this meant to him when he thought it was a miracle or blessing or something wonderful Billy did for him…I’m not sure how he’s going to react.

I would be amazed and disappointed if Teddy also blamed Billy. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’ll realize that Billy’s actions definitely led to this happening. But, I don’t think he’ll be angry with him. I don’t think it’ll be the sort of blame where he wants Billy to feel bad or to punish him. I don’t think he’ll hate him. I think he’ll be sad. Being devastated wouldn’t even be out of line in this situation (same with Billy, as I’m sure he will be).

However, I think the person who will be angry at Billy, who will blame Billy in the making him feel bad and punishing him sort of way, if anyone, would be Billy himself. Maybe the other Avengers if they’re brought in will also do something similar, maybe the Scarlet Witch, too. But, I don’t think it’s going to be possible for them to be worse on Billy than he is on himself. And I think Teddy will probably end up being the voice of reason for him, the one that tells him yeah he fucked up but he didn’t do it on purpose and now he knows better. And yeah it sucks, and of course it’s okay to feel, but they have to move forward.

I’m not sure if that’s the route that the books will take, but that’s what seems to be the most IC to me. I would find it to be very OOC if they were to break up or hit a rocky patch in their relationship based on this despite what it is. Especially since Billy will be arguably just as affected as Teddy this time around. I have more to say on that, but I won’t until February’s book comes out. I want to give everybody a chance to read the first one before I’m all, “OMG THIS HAPPENED” since it’s a pretty big reveal in the first book.

Also, we’re introduced to Kid Loki in this one and he plays a pretty interesting, if brief, part. The diner scene with him, though, where he’s talking to the waiter? Priceless.

Marvel Boy returns, as well, and is apparently having a relationship with Kate Bishop. Or, well, maybe not a relationship but a casual sex (or maybe just a one night stand?) sort of encounter. It seems to be a one-night thing at first, but I think there’s a little bit of hinting that they might still be open to hooking up again. Kate seems fond of him, he seems fond of her, and the morning after didn’t appear awkward (except for the Skrull invasion). So, I could definitely see them hooking up again in the future for fun.

Also, Miss America shows up to intercept Kid Loki before he can do anything dangerous, deadly, or overly mischievous to Billy while he’s performing his horrible mistake. It appears that Kid Loki was aware of what trouble it would cause and he was about to stop it before he was interrupted.

Miss America seemed to think he was going to commit actual murder, but I don’t know. He didn’t really get far enough along in whatever it was that he was about to do for that to be apparent. It seems like she jumped the gun on that, whether she was right or wrong in her assumption about murder. Kid Loki could have been gearing up to stop Billy without deadly force at all. Or maybe she was right and he was about to kill Billy. Maybe the truth about whatever it was that he was about to do will be revealed in another book in this series somewhere down the road.

All in all, I love this book despite the few flaws I noticed. It’s awesome and I’m looking forward to the next installment in Feb.


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