Stan Lee cancels AZ Con appearance + Stan Lee sends personal message to injured fan

Stan Lee, who recently turned 90, is ill and physically unable to travel, so he won’t be able to make his appearances at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. The con is refunding money to people who purchased things specifically involving Lee, including photo op packages.

Also, one of the boys specifically targeted by the shooter at the Taft, California high school shooting and the only one of the two who was actually shot, was a big Spiderman fan. In fact, he was such a fan of Spiderman that he is now being called Bulletproof Spiderman and people who visit him often dress in red and blue or even dress up like the Marvel superhero. The boy is 16.

Stan Lee also heard about this boy and made a personal message for him which was posted on YouTube. He also sent the teen signed merchandise, including comic books! The video is extremely sweet and touching, so instead of just linking I’m going to go ahead and embed it.

I hope that Stan Lee gets to feeling better soon and is up to his old stamina and energy in no time. I’m sure all of the fans are thinking of him and hoping for the same!


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