The Walking Dead Returns February 10, 2013

I know everybody who is a fan of The Walking Dead probably already knows this, but I just felt like sharing it, anyway.

I came across an article on my Twitter feed from Comic Book Resources about it and it involved an interesting-looking trailer for what we can expect in some of the upcoming episodes once it returns.

I’m definitely anxious for this show to return. It seemed like we JUST got it back for the new season and they were already taking another break. The ending for the mid-season finale was pretty epic and left me worried for Daryl. I don’t really care about Merle so much, but Daryl happens to be my favorite character. I know that plenty of other fans share those sentiments! I’m definitely wondering how Merle and Daryl will get out of this predicament they were left in.

And I cannot believe I have to wait an entire extra month to find out! Ugh! Oh well…it’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure.


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