More Young Avengers Coming on January 23

snagged from Comic Book Resources

That’s right! For anyone who is as gaga over this series as I am, this is awesome news! I’ve known for a little while that we’re going to get new issues starting this month, but I was never sure WHEN this month. Now, thanks to Robot 6…I know!

January 23 will start the new issues of Young Avengers. Robot 6 had an exclusive preview of the second issue, which isn’t due out until next month on the 27th. It’s definitely worth the look because they have a lot of panels to show off and holy cow the art is amazing! Jamie McKelvie is too talented to be real! Come on!

I’m also pleased that it doesn’t look like we’re going to be having to worry about a lack of Billy and Teddy. A good amount of the art in the exclusive preview of issue #2 is very Teddy/Billy centric. And if they’re your favorite couple AND your favorite characters (like they are for me!) that’s going to send a lot of fangirls squealing. Probably a good number of fanboys, too. I know I squealed! And I’m not really a squealer. Well, not much…

I was a little worried about what we’d be getting with Billy and Teddy when the new issues starting to churn out on the stands, because we had to wait so long for just a kiss between them. But, it looks like there won’t be any lack of tender moments. And it doesn’t look like there’ll be any lack of action-packed moments, either! So, I’m beyond excited for this!


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