So, I heard about this movie called Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe and thought it seemed sort of interesting.



Upon looking into it further, I found out that it’s actually based on a book by Joe Hill that was published in 2010.



I thought that the movie sounded really interesting and that it might definitely be worth watching. Admittedly, I am a fan of Daniel Radcliffe’s so the first thing that got me interested in looking further into this was the fact that he was starring in it, the next was the look of the title character. The man has horns on his head, for goodness’ sake!

However, as I read more and more about the premise of the movie, I got to thinking more and more about the book. If the movie sounded as promising as it did, then what must the book be like? Most of the time I go by the rule of thumb that a book is usually better than the movie made after it. It’s a pretty reliable rule to go by.

That’s not to say that all movies that are based on books suck, or anything like that. It’s just that while there’s a lot you can do in a movie that you can’t with a book, there’s likewise a lot you can do with a book that you can’t with a movie. There’s a lot of material and the people making the movie need to choose carefully out of what’s in the book. A lot of stuff that may be important inevitably will get left out, or just stuff that is awesome but not necessarily important may also be left out (fan favorite type of things that don’t make it into the movie). It’s just inevitable, since most movies are around 2 – 2.5 hours long, rather than 10 hours.

So, anyway, back on task. I like to read books before I watch movies that are based on or around them. Just so that I’m familiar with the source material. I was a little worried about it, though, because I’d never heard of Joe Hill before now and I wasn’t sure that this would be my type of book.

Then, when I got it from the library I cringed a little bit at the cover. It’s not all that interesting of a cover. But, you know what they say! Never judge a book by it’s cover (yeah, I went there, I’m lame, shut up)!

I cracked it open in the wee hours of this morning and started to read. I’ve gotta say…I’m very impressed. It’s fast paced, the book is not overly long (368 pages), and the chapters are more than reasonable as far as length goes. The writing is great, very vivid and very attention-grabbing.

Long story short: by the time I reached page 8, I was already hooked. I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to get any proper sleep, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to put this book down. I should have started it the moment I got it yesterday, or perhaps waited until a reasonable hour today to begin reading so that I wouldn’t be faced with having to choose between going to sleep and continuing the book!

I also just want to mention that it’s very difficult for a movie or a television show to gross me out these days. I’ve been watching gorey horror since I was a little child. The earliest memory of the television that I have is of watching A Nightmare on Elm Street with my grandfather. Things like that were not off limits to me (and I never wanted to shoot up a school, either, or kill anyone so don’t even go there in the comments). The likelihood of a book grossing me out in any way is even MORE rare. But, this book? This book did it by the end of chapter 2. The scene with Ig’s current girlfriend (although I’m not sure that’s the word he’d have used for her) almost made me gag.

I think that as soon as I’m done with Horns, I’m going to look at the other books that he’s published. If they’re paced and written in a style that’s anything like Horns, then I’m definitely going to be very happy with them.


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