Young Avengers 001 (2013)

Oh wow! There’s just so much awesome in this book! It’s still fairly new out, so I don’t want to spoil anyone too much. Let’s just say that it’s packed with new developments! Teddy and Billy get the majority of the panels in the book, although we do get introduced to a few characters who are fairly new and will probably be featured prominently.

Teddy and Billy get a heartfelt moment, a bit of angst, and an on-panel kissing scene almost as soon as the book introduces them into the plot. So, we won’t have to wait several years for another one, woohoo! :p

Teddy manages to give Billy the kick in the ass that he needs (caring boyfriend style) to embrace who he is and the powers that he possesses. However, this leads to some horrible events right off the bat that I won’t spoil for you all. Especially since it involves the cliffhanger ending! It’s a comic, of course it’s got a cliffhanger ending.

All I can say to that is poor Teddy AND Billy, man! I knew as soon as Billy did what he did that it was going to backfire because that’s pretty much always the theme with events/actions like that.

The artwork is awesome, the dialogue is awesome, the plot is awesome. The only thing I thought was a little off was Teddy and Billy’s angst moment. I thought Billy seemed to agree and change his mind about how he’d been acting even though for the past year he’s apparently been in a funk and afraid of his own powers (according to Teddy). I thought his changing his mind and seeing it Teddy’s way and just suddenly seeming to snap out of it was a little abrupt and maybe should’ve taken a bit more time.

But, that wouldn’t have worked if they wanted to get everything into the book that they did. And, they did give Billy some pretty good incentive. Billy IS a superhero at heart, he is a caring person at heart, and he does love his boyfriend VERY much. He is committed to the relationship with Teddy, he’s committed to Teddy. So, maybe it wasn’t as abrupt as I feel like it was, considering everything Teddy laid out for him during their confrontation.

I just…wow. That ending. I don’t know what Billy and Teddy are going to do with that whole can of worms, all things considered. And I’m not sure how Billy’s going to take the realization that HE caused it. He had wanted to make things better for Teddy, but that was definitely the wrong way to go about it. And honestly, I feel like he should have known better from the events in the last Young Avengers comic series. Considering that EVERY single time someone did something even remotely like that it turned out horribly. I get why he did it, he had to make a decision right then and sometimes when you don’t have time to really think something over…well, you make a stupid decision. Billy made a stupid decision for the right reasons, but it was still a bad decision and it’s already had some very real consequences.

Billy’s good at beating himself up when something goes wrong, and these are some REALLY heavy consequences. I’m interested to see how he handles it when he finds out exactly what happened, why it happened, and how it was able to happen.

Also, this is going to be something that will heavily affect Teddy, as well. And after what he’s been through already, and just what this meant to him when he thought it was a miracle or blessing or something wonderful Billy did for him…I’m not sure how he’s going to react.

I would be amazed and disappointed if Teddy also blamed Billy. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’ll realize that Billy’s actions definitely led to this happening. But, I don’t think he’ll be angry with him. I don’t think it’ll be the sort of blame where he wants Billy to feel bad or to punish him. I don’t think he’ll hate him. I think he’ll be sad. Being devastated wouldn’t even be out of line in this situation (same with Billy, as I’m sure he will be).

However, I think the person who will be angry at Billy, who will blame Billy in the making him feel bad and punishing him sort of way, if anyone, would be Billy himself. Maybe the other Avengers if they’re brought in will also do something similar, maybe the Scarlet Witch, too. But, I don’t think it’s going to be possible for them to be worse on Billy than he is on himself. And I think Teddy will probably end up being the voice of reason for him, the one that tells him yeah he fucked up but he didn’t do it on purpose and now he knows better. And yeah it sucks, and of course it’s okay to feel, but they have to move forward.

I’m not sure if that’s the route that the books will take, but that’s what seems to be the most IC to me. I would find it to be very OOC if they were to break up or hit a rocky patch in their relationship based on this despite what it is. Especially since Billy will be arguably just as affected as Teddy this time around. I have more to say on that, but I won’t until February’s book comes out. I want to give everybody a chance to read the first one before I’m all, “OMG THIS HAPPENED” since it’s a pretty big reveal in the first book.

Also, we’re introduced to Kid Loki in this one and he plays a pretty interesting, if brief, part. The diner scene with him, though, where he’s talking to the waiter? Priceless.

Marvel Boy returns, as well, and is apparently having a relationship with Kate Bishop. Or, well, maybe not a relationship but a casual sex (or maybe just a one night stand?) sort of encounter. It seems to be a one-night thing at first, but I think there’s a little bit of hinting that they might still be open to hooking up again. Kate seems fond of him, he seems fond of her, and the morning after didn’t appear awkward (except for the Skrull invasion). So, I could definitely see them hooking up again in the future for fun.

Also, Miss America shows up to intercept Kid Loki before he can do anything dangerous, deadly, or overly mischievous to Billy while he’s performing his horrible mistake. It appears that Kid Loki was aware of what trouble it would cause and he was about to stop it before he was interrupted.

Miss America seemed to think he was going to commit actual murder, but I don’t know. He didn’t really get far enough along in whatever it was that he was about to do for that to be apparent. It seems like she jumped the gun on that, whether she was right or wrong in her assumption about murder. Kid Loki could have been gearing up to stop Billy without deadly force at all. Or maybe she was right and he was about to kill Billy. Maybe the truth about whatever it was that he was about to do will be revealed in another book in this series somewhere down the road.

All in all, I love this book despite the few flaws I noticed. It’s awesome and I’m looking forward to the next installment in Feb.


Stan Lee cancels AZ Con appearance + Stan Lee sends personal message to injured fan

Stan Lee, who recently turned 90, is ill and physically unable to travel, so he won’t be able to make his appearances at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. The con is refunding money to people who purchased things specifically involving Lee, including photo op packages.

Also, one of the boys specifically targeted by the shooter at the Taft, California high school shooting and the only one of the two who was actually shot, was a big Spiderman fan. In fact, he was such a fan of Spiderman that he is now being called Bulletproof Spiderman and people who visit him often dress in red and blue or even dress up like the Marvel superhero. The boy is 16.

Stan Lee also heard about this boy and made a personal message for him which was posted on YouTube. He also sent the teen signed merchandise, including comic books! The video is extremely sweet and touching, so instead of just linking I’m going to go ahead and embed it.

I hope that Stan Lee gets to feeling better soon and is up to his old stamina and energy in no time. I’m sure all of the fans are thinking of him and hoping for the same!

Recap: Supernatural 8×10

There are spoilers contained within this, so please be warned of that. If you have NOT seen this episode yet and do not want to be spoiled on what happens, then please do not read any further. If you do, I won’t take your complaints about it seriously. Because, you’ve been warned.

I just want to say right now that I absolutely love this episode. I still wanted to smack Sam (repeatedly), but it was an awesome episode anyway. I think that this episode ushers in the brothers getting back to business, back to the way they usually act as brothers. There might still be some tension and such, but I think it’s finally on the proper track.

First of all, am I the only person who saw this episode’s beginning and thought Sam and Dean were both arguing about women? I mean, Sam’s issue was a woman, but the issue he had with Dean was Benny. Nothing could get back to normal as long as Sam was hung up on getting back together with Amelia, but Sam was pretty much saying the same thing to Dean about Benny.

Dean: It’s either me or the chick.
Sam: It’s me or the vamp.

Seriously. To me their whole argument seemed like two brothers who were both fighting over the fact that each one hand a romance in their life that was getting in the way and neither could get over. Either they both get rid of their partners, or they both go separate ways.

Now, I realize that’s mostly my fangirl talking. I probably slipped my Wincest Goggles on by accident (yes, those are totally a thing). But, the show is also known for throwing fangirls a few bones here and there (no pun intended, I promise) as far as the popular slash pairings go. And while Wincest has not been the most popular pairing since Destiel came along, it’s still a close second. Wincest and Destiel fangirls are that show’s bread and butter. And the writers have, pretty much since the beginning, played it up a little bit just for fun.

Remember in the earlier seasons before Castiel came along, the gay jokes about Sam and Dean were a running gag in the show. And they still are to some extent. They pop up every once in a while to this day. And let’s not even get started on the Destiel hints and jokes.

Are either Wincest or Destiel (or both!) canon? Well, there’s some debate on that. I don’t believe so (no matter what Misha Collins says!) but the writers DEFINITELY have fun with acknowledging the fangirls who enjoy those pairings. And the cast seems to get a giggle out of it, too.

Anyway, back to the actual episode at hand here!

I wish I could say that I was totally shocked that Sam’s bitchfest could not be lessened even by getting laid. He has a big fight with his brother over Amelia (and Benny), then later Amelia shows up because Don (her not-actually-dead-after-all husband) is out of town. We have no idea why, she sort of only vaguely answers that question by saying he does that a lot since he got back. Is she implying that he’s still working through a lot of stuff and leaves town a lot to be alone and clear his head or whatever he has to do to be okay, or did he take a job that requires him to travel? We don’t know.

However, Sam is still in town!! And she naturally goes right over there (probably without Don’s knowledge…I’m not convince Don even knows Sam is in town again in the first place) and they bone. Because, I mean, what else is there to do except cheat on your husband?

Seriously, I can give her a pass for being with Sam in the first place. She thought her husband was dead and never coming back. I can understand her confusion and mixed feelings after Don suddenly returns, hale and hearty (well probably some mental issues, because it’d be weird if he was sans those considering what he’s been through, but work with me here!). But, this is just all-out cheating on Don at this point. As far as Don knows, Sam’s out of the picture and Amelia’s with Don again.

I guess I’m only assuming he has no idea that Sam’s in town and that his wife went over there to have sex with him (because it happened awfully fast for someone who didn’t plan that particular activity or at least wasn’t hoping for it to happen). Especially since she made a point of saying that Don was out of town.

I’m not too invested in her character, though, so I don’t really care that she’s cheating on her husband.

But, as I said, even getting laid didn’t help Sam’s personal bitchfest that he had going on. Now that Dean had left again, leaving Sam right there to do whatever he wanted and make whatever decision he wanted, Sam seems less interested in staying with Amelia.

He and Amelia talk about how they’re going to deal with this love triangle they’ve got going on. Amelia’s ultimatum (which we heard teased so much for this episode) is unsurprisingly that Sam needs to leave and never come back OR stay and be with Amelia. All or nothing, either he’s in or he’s out, but there’s nothing in between because it just complicates things and hurts too much.

So, they come up with this idea that in two days after they’ve had a while to think everything through, they’d show up after she gets off work at the motel room again. If they’re both there, then great. She’ll leave Don and be with Sam for good. If not, then they’ll go their separate ways for good.

Simple! And I know what you’re thinking. Something is going to happen to waylay Sam, he won’t get there in time, she’ll assume that his absence is his answer (like they agreed) and it’ll be a huge misunderstanding that Sam will forever regret but be unable to fix and angst-angst-angst.

How do I know that’s what you were thinking? Nah, I’m not a mind-reader. Don’t worry. That was just simply my first thought when I heard her lay out this weird plan of hers.

And sure enough, Castiel needs help. He has to rescue Samandriel, the cute and adorable angel in the Weenie waiter outfit. This is important to him, but Dean won’t even hear of dragging Sam into it. His response is that Sam is gone and that’s final. And it doesn’t matter anyways, because they don’t need Sam.

Cas only brings it up twice as far as I remember, but he doesn’t drop it just because he’s stopped talking about it. He realizes that getting through to Dean via conversation is not going to happen. So, after they go to see Kevin and he sends Cas on a supply run so they can make some more demon bombs (which actually turn out to be more like emergency flares shaped like very long pipe bombs — totally AWESOME), he comes back with an extra essential.

Yep, Sam. He somehow talked Sam into returning with him. At some point, while they’re alone together, Sam and Dean get into another awkward bitchfight (which is actually different than most of their bitchfights in seasons past, which is why they’re so awkward) and Dean, who is just tired of it, gives Sam another ultimatum.

Either go with Amelia, live his life with her, and be happy. Or stay away from her forever and stick with Dean and hunting. But, instead of giving the whole “it hurts ME too much to do the in-between stuff” thing like Amelia did, Dean pretty much laid it out flat. The in-between stuff gets hunters killed and that’s why it’s a no-no. Also, he wants Sam to be happy.

And he admits that he’s a little jealous of the fact that Sam has always been able to separate the hunter part of him, he’s the one that has been able to just get up and leave, he’s the one that’s always wanted that “normal” life and the one that could probably have it if he didn’t keep getting dragged back into it.

But, bottom line really seems to be that he doesn’t want Sam to get killed doing that halfway shit and he wants Sam to be happy.

This seems to soften Sam’s resolve a little. And it actually gives me another thought entirely. Maybe the real point of all of this bitching and sulking shit that Sam’s been doing is a little more about taking his frustrations of his life out on Dean a little and being rebellious. Or am I the only one that noticed that the second it seemed like Dean was giving in and wasn’t going to fight Sam on it anymore, Sam suddenly had all these doubts about staying with Amelia? Maybe, it really was just me who saw that and I’m just nuts.

Now, here Dean is saying outright. Sam can go with Amelia and live a happy life together. He has his brother’s blessing, and while he doesn’t NEED Dean’s blessing to do that he still got it and they don’t have to argue about it anymore.

Sometime before Sam showed up (if I’m remembering the chronology right) Benny had called Dean and tried to tell him he was getting close to the end of his rope. He’s watching a family picnic in the park (it looks like a park) while talking to Dean on the phone.

I’m sure it wasn’t a stretch for most viewers to understand what Benny was telling him. He’s close to falling off the wagon again, he needs Dean to bring him some more blood.

Dean’s advice is to hang in there, take it a day at a time, and he’ll get there when he can. He’s kind of busy at the moment, but they set up a time to meet.

Sound like what Sam and Amelia have going on? I realize that Sam and Amelia are a romantic couple, and Dean and Benny aren’t a romantic couple (that doesn’t stop fangirls, though!), but that was a pretty obvious parallel between the brothers. Come on. They’ve both got people in their lives that are causing friction between them, and now both of them have made a pact that they’ll meet up somewhere with that someone. The writers didn’t do that by accident, it was meant to be noticed as a parallel.

Poor Cas, too. He’s in over his head and he doesn’t even know it. The brothers DO help Cas save Samandriel. And it’s successful! However, Cas had started to have some memories about what Naomi (the heavenly CEO, apparently) had done to him in order to control him. He doesn’t realize yet that he’s being controlled, nor does he realize what that memory even means or why he’s having it. But it comes back and messes him up a bit and Naomi forces him to kill Samandriel while the Winchesters are still in the abandoned factory fighting demons.

Cas doesn’t even know why he did it. She brought him up while Samandriel was trying to tell him what was actually going on, that Heaven was controlling the angels, that something sinister was going on up there and that he was in danger of dying if Cas brought him back there. He didn’t get to answer the question of WHY, though, before Naomi yanked Cas up. He wasn’t cooperative when she told him to kill Samandriel, so…she forced him by using the fact that she can now control Cas the same way she can control the other angels.

Afterwards, she brings Cas back up into her office suite. Cas is very confused. He knows what he’s done, but he doesn’t understand why. She explains to him that Samandriel was a traitor, that he’d told about the angel tablet. Cas is understandably upset that he’d just killed one of his brothers, whom he’d been trying to save instead, just to protect a tablet. Naomi attempts to impress upon him the importance of the tablet and that it’s more important than any one angel. Cas doesn’t seem convinced, if you ask me.

However, he’s already done the execution. He returns with instructions to tell Sam and Dean, who’ve just shown up, that Samandriel was not himself and had attacked Cas and Cas had killed Heaven’s cutest angel in self-defense. And that now he has to take the cutie’s body back up to Heaven. Naomi wants to dissect it, but of course he can’t say that part.

While saying goodbye and ignoring the words of protest from Dean, Cas cries a single tear of blood, but waves it off as possible damage to his vessel before leaving.

Dean later calls Benny, now that everything’s all over…or well at least that particular botched angel rescue, to tell him that he wants to break up won’t be showing up at their scheduled meeting. Yeah, he’ll always be grateful for everything Benny did, he’ll never forget Benny, and he hopes he’ll stay good but it’s the end of the road for them.

Benny is understandably upset (especially since we’ve seen that he now only has one single bag of blood left), but covers it up valiantly by saying that it’s okay and thanks for the ride.

They hang up and we cut to Amelia, who shows up at the designated spot, unlocks the motel room door and goes inside to…a dark, notably empty, motel room. She’s disappointed, but understands what it means.

Cut back to Dean, who has just turned on the television and Sam comes into view carrying food. Bowls of what might be chili and bottles of beer. They sit down together on the couch to watch television.

Sam had time to go back, it seems, he just chose not to.

Then again, it’s not too surprising. The brothers will always choose each other, it seems. Which is part of why we love them so much!!

I also choose to take this as at least partial confirmation that this was more about Dean than he was letting on. Because, while Dean was fighting him on it he was adamant. Now, after Dean gives his blessing and they don’t have a reason to fight over it anymore, Sam decides he’s not going to take the out. All that stuff about how there’s so much going on now, blah blah blah…I don’t believe that factored in very much at all. He knew that from the start and he was still fighting Dean over it. We’re supposed to believe he had a sudden epiphany after getting what he said he wanted? Nice try.

And it’s not like that would be a stretch for Sam’s personality. He’s always been the rebellious one.

Not that Dean is blameless. He handled the whole Benny thing with Sam the wrong way. He kept him a secret, so Sam felt betrayed right off the bat as soon as he met Benny. Then Dean did his best to rub it in Sam’s face, to make sure that Sam knew that at least for now Benny was a little higher on the totem pole that Sam as far as Dean was concerned. Every point he had to make about how he disliked Sam’s attitude, how he disliked the way Sam was treating him, how he disliked the kind of brother Sam was being, how he himself felt betrayed that instead of looking for him or finding out what happened to him he just gave up and moved on, he used Benny as an example of how Sam should have acted, should be acting now, etc.

That doesn’t excuse all of Sam’s behavior, but after all that shit Sam was not likely to ever be able to accept Benny. Under other circumstances, like if Dean had been upfront from the start about Benny and everything that had happened, and hadn’t used him as an example of a better brother while simultaneously listing all of Sam’s shortcomings, then maybe that would have been different. Maybe Sam would have been able to accept Benny, even if not be buddies with him. And Sam does have a penchant for acting like a self-righteous, arrogant prick whenever he thinks he’s been wronged. And it’s not the first time he’s gone overboard with expressing that, either.

But, I still love Sam and I still love Dean, even in all of their dysfunctional glory. And I hope that the way that this episode ended is a starting point for them getting back to the way they were before Amelia and Benny came into the collective picture. There might still be some tension and friction, but I hope that works its way through and this can be the start of that.

I mean, come on we’re halfway through and I don’t want to wait until the last or second-to-last episode before they’re okay with each other again. <<; I miss muh boys and the LURV they share! Come on!

But, yeah, awesome episode. This recap doesn’t do it justice and I totally left some of the good shit out on purpose. You need to see it in all of it’s live action glory. So, if you haven’t seen it yet (why are you reading this??), go and watch!! It’s more than worth it!

Trailer for Supernatural mid-season premier

I-I can’t. I just can’t. This, I’m just going to leave it here. I’m too busy squealing and scaring the family, pets, and neighbors to actually write a post about the epicness of this trailer. I’m not sure I can wait until the 16th for this episode!!

I have to go breathe into a bag now, please…just…watch this. I’m leaving it here for you all.

Guillermo del Toro and Mama

I’m a huge horror movie fan! I’ve been watching them since I was a tiny kid. I think I’ve mentioned before that my first memory of the television is of watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. So, I was excited when I saw the trailer for the feature film of this movie and to find out that it’s so close to the theater release date (Jan 18)!

I have to say, I rarely wonder too much about the inspiration for movies like this. I just enjoy the movies. But, I can definitely appreciate this short and why del Toro decided to turn into a feature-length film.

This video has an intro from del Toro himself, speaking in English but the short is in Spanish with English subtitles. Don’t worry, though, for people who aren’t too into subtitles or have a hard time keeping up with them there isn’t a lot of talking and they’re just short sentences. You shouldn’t need to worry about missing anything while trying to read them, and if you do you can always go back. 🙂

I agree with him, this is a pretty creepy short and I’m glad we get to see a feature film based off of it! I’m so excited for this movie!


So, I heard about this movie called Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe and thought it seemed sort of interesting.



Upon looking into it further, I found out that it’s actually based on a book by Joe Hill that was published in 2010.



I thought that the movie sounded really interesting and that it might definitely be worth watching. Admittedly, I am a fan of Daniel Radcliffe’s so the first thing that got me interested in looking further into this was the fact that he was starring in it, the next was the look of the title character. The man has horns on his head, for goodness’ sake!

However, as I read more and more about the premise of the movie, I got to thinking more and more about the book. If the movie sounded as promising as it did, then what must the book be like? Most of the time I go by the rule of thumb that a book is usually better than the movie made after it. It’s a pretty reliable rule to go by.

That’s not to say that all movies that are based on books suck, or anything like that. It’s just that while there’s a lot you can do in a movie that you can’t with a book, there’s likewise a lot you can do with a book that you can’t with a movie. There’s a lot of material and the people making the movie need to choose carefully out of what’s in the book. A lot of stuff that may be important inevitably will get left out, or just stuff that is awesome but not necessarily important may also be left out (fan favorite type of things that don’t make it into the movie). It’s just inevitable, since most movies are around 2 – 2.5 hours long, rather than 10 hours.

So, anyway, back on task. I like to read books before I watch movies that are based on or around them. Just so that I’m familiar with the source material. I was a little worried about it, though, because I’d never heard of Joe Hill before now and I wasn’t sure that this would be my type of book.

Then, when I got it from the library I cringed a little bit at the cover. It’s not all that interesting of a cover. But, you know what they say! Never judge a book by it’s cover (yeah, I went there, I’m lame, shut up)!

I cracked it open in the wee hours of this morning and started to read. I’ve gotta say…I’m very impressed. It’s fast paced, the book is not overly long (368 pages), and the chapters are more than reasonable as far as length goes. The writing is great, very vivid and very attention-grabbing.

Long story short: by the time I reached page 8, I was already hooked. I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to get any proper sleep, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to put this book down. I should have started it the moment I got it yesterday, or perhaps waited until a reasonable hour today to begin reading so that I wouldn’t be faced with having to choose between going to sleep and continuing the book!

I also just want to mention that it’s very difficult for a movie or a television show to gross me out these days. I’ve been watching gorey horror since I was a little child. The earliest memory of the television that I have is of watching A Nightmare on Elm Street with my grandfather. Things like that were not off limits to me (and I never wanted to shoot up a school, either, or kill anyone so don’t even go there in the comments). The likelihood of a book grossing me out in any way is even MORE rare. But, this book? This book did it by the end of chapter 2. The scene with Ig’s current girlfriend (although I’m not sure that’s the word he’d have used for her) almost made me gag.

I think that as soon as I’m done with Horns, I’m going to look at the other books that he’s published. If they’re paced and written in a style that’s anything like Horns, then I’m definitely going to be very happy with them.

More Young Avengers Coming on January 23

snagged from Comic Book Resources

That’s right! For anyone who is as gaga over this series as I am, this is awesome news! I’ve known for a little while that we’re going to get new issues starting this month, but I was never sure WHEN this month. Now, thanks to Robot 6…I know!

January 23 will start the new issues of Young Avengers. Robot 6 had an exclusive preview of the second issue, which isn’t due out until next month on the 27th. It’s definitely worth the look because they have a lot of panels to show off and holy cow the art is amazing! Jamie McKelvie is too talented to be real! Come on!

I’m also pleased that it doesn’t look like we’re going to be having to worry about a lack of Billy and Teddy. A good amount of the art in the exclusive preview of issue #2 is very Teddy/Billy centric. And if they’re your favorite couple AND your favorite characters (like they are for me!) that’s going to send a lot of fangirls squealing. Probably a good number of fanboys, too. I know I squealed! And I’m not really a squealer. Well, not much…

I was a little worried about what we’d be getting with Billy and Teddy when the new issues starting to churn out on the stands, because we had to wait so long for just a kiss between them. But, it looks like there won’t be any lack of tender moments. And it doesn’t look like there’ll be any lack of action-packed moments, either! So, I’m beyond excited for this!