Arrow 1×09

I apparently missed an episode of Arrow recently, the mid-season finale episode. I know, brilliant, right? Yeah. :p

Anyway, while reading a recap of the episode on AfterElton, I noticed in the comments section that some people seemed to be confused upon hearing about Moira’s involvement in the sabotaging of The Queen’s Gambit and Oliver’s kidnapping and torture when he returned from the island.

I don’t know about anybody else, but up until now it did sound a bit like Moira Queen had more involvement in the sinking of The Queen’s Gambit than it sounded like in this episode. In this episode, it sounded more like something she had no real control over whether it happened or not. That it was Daddy Merlyn’s idea and that he was going to do it whether she liked it or not. He had a reason, but it didn’t convince her of much but she was caught between a rock and a hard place and didn’t feel she had a choice.

Now, whether that is how it happened or whether she had more involvement than that I don’t know. I’m just saying that at least in this exchange with Moira and Merlyn, it sounded like it was more Merlyn than Moira.

People also seemed confused about her involvement with having her own son purposely kidnapped and tortured to find out whether or not he knew anything about Robert Queen and his illegal activities (and subsequently the illegal activities and conspiracies of the other people on that list, including Merlyn).

At least as far as this particular conversation goes, it sounds an awful lot like it was another issue of her being caught between a rock and a hard place. Important and dangerous people, namely Merlyn, were concerned that Oliver knew more than he should and that he might be a liability. To prove that he knew absolutely nothing, Moira had her own son kidnapped and tortured about it. From the way it sounds, it seems more like she was figuring that that was better than having a dead son. Because, if Merlyn was convinced that Oliver knew more than he ought to know and was a possible liability, he would just have him killed. Whether Moira liked it or not.

Is that actually the case or is she a more sinister character than the show has thus far let on? I don’t know, but so far it sounds like she’s in over her head and not in any sort of control over what’s going on and she’s doing what she can to at least save the family members she’s got left, including the son that just came back seemingly from the dead once already, rather than watch them all die because she was caught up in something she couldn’t handle.

As more episodes are shown, we might find out I’m totally off base here and she really is a sadistic psychopath. But, so far it doesn’t look that way.

That doesn’t mean that if/when Oliver himself finds out about all of this he won’t feel just as betrayed as if she were a sadistic psychopath. I mean, can you imagine finding out that your mother was so in over her head that she let your father be killed, had you kidnapped and tortured (along with a friend of yours), and allowed your father’s best friend and her current husband to be drugged and kidnapped just to appease these crooks rather than trying to go to the police with all of the evidence she seems to have just lying around the house? Sure, that would incriminate her, but it seems like that’s less horrible than the route she actually went.

I have no idea what Ollie’s reaction will actually be when he finds out, though. But, it does seem that Moira is only really accomplishing making things worse and eventually everything will probably end up crashing down all around her head. In which case, Ollie probably will find out. I’m sure the writers will allow us to see his reaction to this big reveal because it is kind of a big deal. o.O; So, I’m looking forward to that.

Still, I like the whole mystery and intrigue thing they’ve got going and I can’t help hoping they keep letting it go on for a good long while more. Even if it means that we don’t get that “your mom’s a crook!” reveal this season.

Also, and this is just an aside, but I found the whole stay-away-from-my-little-sister routine Ollie had going this episode with Shane to be rather lackluster and unconvincing. Maybe that was just me. I don’t know. I just wasn’t feeling it from his character. It seemed more like he was pretending to be outraged when he really wasn’t just because that was the reaction he thought he was supposed to have. When I think the actor was supposed to be going for genuine big-brother-anger here.

I like Thea’s character, but I don’t see much chemistry between the two actors. I just don’t. I’m hoping she gets a better story line than she’s gotten so far soon. One that might be slightly more independent from Ollie’s character, just because her character is such a good one but Stephen Amell and Willa Holland just don’t click that well. Or at least, they haven’t so far.

Maybe that’s just my interpretation and everyone else sees actual chemistry between the actors and I’m just nuts? That’s possible, too.

And just to be clear, I’m not saying that they aren’t good actors, or that either of them suck at acting on this show. Nor am I saying that the character of Ollie should not have had the reaction to be protective of his sister when it comes to this Shane guy. I’m just saying…together, I don’t see the chemistry between them as characters, nor do I feel that the reaction to Shane was at all genuine. I think it was supposed to be and fell flat. And, ya know, that happens sometimes. It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean I’m going to storm off in a fit of rage and no longer watch Arrow, or that I’m purposely trying to pick on the actors or the show.

I’m just saying, I was a little surprised is all. :p


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