The End of BBC’s Merlin

Okay, I won’t spoil anything for anyone. I promise. Spoiler-free zone here. In case there are people who haven’t seen the series finale, yet.

I was really, extremely bummed out when I found out that Merlin was going to end with this season. As were all of the other Merlin fans out there. I mean, we’d have all loved to see another season or two. Merlin was a wonderful show, with wonderful characters, great chemistry between all of the actors involved, etc.

And when it was abruptly announced more than halfway through this season that this would, in fact, be the final season…all of us fans were shocked. There was so much left to do, we couldn’t imagine how they could pull off answering all the important questions and tying off the loose ends in neat knots in what was left of the 5th season.

There was some talk of specials that might air, or a movie trilogy, but that quickly went south and we were told in no uncertain terms that there would be nothing of that sort happening. There would be a 2-part series finale and that would end the entire show. Not to mention that the actors themselves seemed completely on board with the end happening now and that they did not intend to reprise their roles for anything. Well, at least not the main actors…I do think there is still some talk going around about possible spin-offs, but I’m not sure.

The fans, myself included, were shocked and skeptical. We were left with our mouths hanging open, staring at each other as if someone had just smacked us with a fish.

But, the series finale, both parts, have now aired. The show is now completely finished. And, I have to confess, I was dreading it. I wanted to see the end, but at the same time I didn’t. I was worried they would ruin a great show by screwing up the finale. That they would mess it up so badly that it would actually taint the great seasons and episodes that came before. And, I’ll be honest, I also didn’t want it to be over. And some part of me thought that, maybe, if I just don’t watch the last two episodes it will never truly be over. It would never truly hit home that one of my favorite shows was finished and done with.

Come on, shut up! I didn’t have enough warning that this would be the end, the total end, to cope!

However…now that I’ve seen the last two episodes, I can say that while I’m sad that the show is over and that there isn’t much of a likelihood at all that it will ever be continued (at least not with the same actors), that the actors are unlikely to reprise their roles for any reason…I’m still satisfied with the ending.

Yes, I’m satisfied. It’s sad that the show is done with, but they did a fantastic job with the finale. They really did. It was action-packed, it was emotional, it was even humorous in areas, it was dramatic. It lived up to the series as it had been thus far, and it didn’t take anything away from the glory of the previous seasons and episodes.

It was everything I’d have wanted in a series finale. I can’t think of any very important loose ends that didn’t get tied up. Also, the Big Reveal that every fan has been waiting for since the beginning? I loved that, too. And so will you when you see it. I won’t say why or how or what or anything else. But, it’s wonderful.

I will say one more thing. That very last bit at the end? The very, very ending scene? I totally did not see that coming. But, it actually was the best way to end it, I think. That was what really made it “okay” for me.

I would say why, but that would give it away and I don’t want to spoil anyone. It’s not been very long since both episodes aired and there are probably still a lot of people who haven’t seen it. And probably a lot of people who could have but are putting it off for the same reasons I put it off a couple of days.

I can’t speak for every other fan, obviously. Just myself. But, I totally am satisfied with the end of the show. That was a wonderful, perfect ending. I’m sad it had to end, but since it did I’m glad this is how it went.


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