Calming Down Over Supernatural

Okay, I’ve been thinking about my obsessive fangirl flailing while Supernatural has been on break. I think maybe…just maybe…I’m stressing over nothing. I know, shocker, right? đŸ˜‰

Most of my anxiety is over the fact that we’re about halfway through at this point (I’m not sure exactly how many episodes are planned but they usually run in the 20s) and the brothers Winchester still don’t seem to be getting any closer to getting their old spark back. Anyone reading this who is familiar with Supernatural’s past seasons at all will likely understand what I mean without elaboration.

But, as I think more and more about it I’m reminded of some articles I read back in the summer before season 8 even started. Back when it was just announced that season 8 was picked up. The Big Boss seems to be a Big Fan of Supernatural. So, that’s a plus. And he did say that he was totally in favor of actually going all the way to season 10 or even beyond that.

And the lead actors have said, I’m pretty sure (if I’m remembering right), that they’d totally be on board for seasons 9 and 10 to finish out the series. I think I read somewhere in a July article that Jensen Ackles seemed especially on board with the suggested idea that they go to season 10 to finish out the series completely.

I’d love for the show to go beyond season 10, but to be quite honest I’d be more than happen if it went there and ended. I think there’s a lot left to do with the series, a lot of questions left to answer from previous seasons that haven’t gotten answered yet (like Ash mentioning that John, Ellen, and Jo are not in Heaven…so where are they? Just for one…) that I’d really like to see an answer to. And I think if they extend the series at least to season 10 and then finish it out there it would give ample time to answer all of those questions AND give the show a big finale worthy of the greatness that Supernatural has achieved.

I’d be totally happy with that. I’d be sad with the ending of a great show, but I’d be satisfied, you know?

So…in order to maintain my own sanity, I’m going to stop speculating about whether season 8 is meant to be the last season and all this speculation of going to season 10 to finish out the series might just be a bluff or a bait for the fans to keep watching.

Hopefully, this will allow me to better enjoy the current season of Supernatural when it comes back from break. Everything tends to be a lot more enjoyable, anyway, when you don’t have a cloud of anxiety hanging over your head, raining all over your parade, right?



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