Sadness over Supernatural

I’ve just realized that while I look forward to Supernatural every week, I also dread it the day I watch it. I feel tense and worried that the whole thing will end with the boys being just as estranged from each other emotionally as they were during their reunion in episode 1 of this season. I don’t really remember it being this bad between them before, although when Sam was high on demon blood and still listening to Ruby during season 5 comes about as close as I can remember. Even when Sam was lacking a soul it wasn’t quite this bad between them.

It would really be a shame if the series ended with this season and they either never totally fixed this gigantic rift between them or they sort of just forgive each other at the last moment or an episode or two before the end. It just would ruin the entire series if they did it like that. A big reason that people tune in and a big reason that the show is so popular is the fact that nothing ever comes between them for very long and that they have a very deep and abiding love for each other.

I don’t see that this season. I really don’t. And I’m really just all tense and worried about it to the point that while I look forward to the new episode of the week every week, I sort of wonder if I should talk myself into just not watching this season anymore. Just skip the latest ep and never come back. That way, if they fuck things up and this is the end of the entire series (I haven’t heard that it is, but I’ve heard that it very well could be) then it won’t ruin the journey up to now for me. At the very least.

So far, I have avoided doing that. I have forced myself to watch and while I don’t regret it…every episode where they seem no closer to resolving their rift and in fact sometimes even seem as though they’re making that into an even more gigantic chasm, I just want to sigh, hang my head, and cry. This is a great series and I would hate for them to ruin it by just not fixing this. And soon. Long before the end of the season hits.

I enjoy a lot of shows that are on right now, but Supernatural is by far in my opinion the best one. I don’t usually find shows that I just click with so easily and so fast and a big reason for that is the brotherly love and devotion between Sam and Dean. With that more or less out of the picture, or hiding so well it can hardly be seen, it just ruins it.

I realize that a lot of major and horrible things have happened to them and that it might take time to fix it, but the problem isn’t that. For me, it’s that I don’t see any attempts by the writers to fix it or hint at it’s fixing. I see some promise every once in a while, but then something happens to show that it wasn’t what it seemed at all. It was just a ruse. And I’m left disappointed again.

And the only reason I’m so bummed about it and that I complain about it and panic-fangirl about it is because I absolutely LOVE this show and that hasn’t changed. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t care and I wouldn’t bother.


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