Fanfiction and Fanart

I think sometimes people take these things too seriously. And by that, I mean that sometimes I think people assume that fanfiction writers and fanartists think that all of their stuff could totally happen in the canon, when really even though what they’re writing or the art that their making isn’t AU per se it is just something they’re exploring for fun, for feels, or for some other reason. Just because it’s not meant to be AU doesn’t mean that it’s also meant to be totally and completely in character or in the realm of canon possibility.

And then I see people who assume that they know what the author or artist was thinking and what their motivations were, without asking those people, and chewing them out for it. I don’t know what’s so hard about clicking the back button (or just not clicking a link at all) if you stumble upon something you aren’t interested in reading or viewing.

Or, you know, if you must…just asking them what their motivation was when they wrote that particular fic or made that particular piece of art.


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