Young Avengers & Other Fangirlish Things

I’ve just discovered (a bit late, I may add) this wonderful thing in American comic books called Young Avengers. It didn’t even blip my radar until a week or so ago when I was reading After Elton‘s column The Shipping News‘ latest article. It talked briefly about the canon gay couple, Teddy and Billy (Hulkling and Wiccan). I knew that American comics were starting to embrace gay couples, both lesbian and gay male couples, but I hadn’t realized it had branched over into things like Young Avengers.


Young Avengers

I haven’t read American comics in so long that I was really out of the loop, but I was so happy to see a young, committed couple was being portrayed here that I decided I’d find the comics myself and read them, to see what’s going on. To see if the rumors were accurate, or if people had seized upon something sub par and made it more awesome in fandom than it ever was in canon.


Billy (brunette) & Teddy (blond)

Well, let me just say that I was and am very impressed. o.O; I’m not finished with it all, yet, but I have gotten through the 12 issues of Young Avengers, plus the Young Avengers Special, I’ve gone through Young Avengers Presents and the 3 issue Civil War crossover between Young Avengers, Avengers, and Runaways and while there have been more than a few heterosexual lip-locks in the comics I haven’t noticed Teddy and Billy getting any of that action. I do know that there’s supposed to be at least one kiss, apparently which the fans were waiting for since forever because anything having to do with it includes the words “finally kiss!”

That’s my only real beef with the comics. Characters of opposite sex have kissed even before they were in an actual relationship, yet. However, here we have Billy and Teddy who are in a committed, serious, loving relationship and not a single lip-lock to be had between them. I find it a little strange. I don’t think they necessarily have to be throwing themselves at each other, and taking moments out of intense battles to kiss and have a grope fest or anything weird like that. But, there have been opportunities where they could have kissed and didn’t. Where heterosexual couples WOULD have kissed, but these two didn’t.

I’m not really sure what the hold-up is. Maybe this has been posed to the guys behind the comic and already answered, but I’m unaware of it. So, I’m still in the dark about the point behind waiting so long.

There have been a lot of scenes that are just adorable or very sweet, though. Don’t get me wrong. And I’m only ripping on this little peeve I’ve got because I love the comics and the characters (and the pairing!) so much. I’m not doing it just to say it’s horrible (because it’s not!).

I love the way that Teddy and Billy are there for each other when it counts. I love that they comfort each other when it’s needed, and the way that they do. Billy tells Teddy about it when he has nightmares, Teddy does what he can to make sure that Billy is okay or gets to where he can be okay. Even if that means staying behind and impersonating Billy (did I mention Teddy’s a shape-shifter?) so that his parents don’t know he’s gone while Billy goes off with his brother to try to find their “real” mother (long story, read the books~). Teddy wanted to go with him, to be there for him physically and to be his back-up should it be needed. But, he also understood how much Billy needed to do this as a brother thing with Tommy, and that he also really needed Teddy to be there covering for him with his parents.

Also, Teddy is the sweetest sweetheart ever to sweet!

I like how Billy comforts Teddy when he finds out the truth about his birth, his lineage, the horrific way he found out, and the aftermath of it all.

I also love the way that Teddy is protective of Billy in the Civil War comics. I squealed, truly!

These two are definitely serious about their relationship and I love that. I love that they love each other so much. I just kind of would like to see a little more physical expression of that beyond hand-holding (not that it isn’t sweet and d’awww worthy!). I’m heartened, however, by the knowledge that these things are coming! …No pun intended, guys, seriously.

Also, I just want to say I also really love Tommy. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about him when he was introduced, but he’s grown on me. I guess it’s a speedster thing. So far, whether it’s Marvel or DC I haven’t found a speedster I hated. I even liked Quicksilver when he was being a little bitch and irritating me in the X-Men: Evolution television series! Just because I wanted to smack him doesn’t mean I didn’t love him!



On an entirely different note, I’ve discovered a book series that I’m totally gaga over. I also found out about in an article on The Shipping News. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is a book series that I have a lot of difficulty explaining to people who ask me what the heck I keep raving about. Those that actually care about what I read, that is. Mostly people just roll their eyes and say, “oh there goes Vamps again…”


I initially started reading it because there’s also a popular gay couple in this book series, as well. I think maybe they break up, since there was mention in the article that made me think so. However, I don’t know for certain as I haven’t gotten that far, yet. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not an awesome pairing anyway and that’s what fix-it fanfiction is for! :p

Malec (Magnus & Alec) – fanart

(I don’t know who created this wonderful, beautiful piece of art, however if the artist sees it and wants me to remove it I will!)

However, I’m still just reading the first book (City of Bones) and am about halfway through it. I’ve just gotten to the part where they introduce the other half of the Malec ship (other fangirls and fanboys will know what I mean by that choice of phrasing), so there’s still no relationship between them yet. But, even without that the book is really awesome and I’m totally hooked on it. It’s written with a great flow, nothing goes too slowly. The characters are interesting and fun to read about, and the hidden world that Clare has created here for this series is just awesome.

Anyone thinking they want to read it, however, should be aware that this is a YA (Young Adult) series. While many people don’t mind, or even love YA books, many don’t because of the lack of specific adult themes and the fact that most of the time the books involved are about fairy tales or children/teenagers. I love bodice rippers and gay smut, but I also love YA fiction and that’s just how I roll. If you don’t, that’s great, too! Everybody has their own thing, right? But, I definitely recommend this series at least for a look.


Divergent is also a YA book (one out of an unfinished trilogy) that has grown on me. It’s been likened to The Hunger Games but I don’t know if that’s at all accurate as I haven’t read that trilogy (I know, I’m awful, right??). From what I’ve learned about The Hunger Games through fans of the books, though, I can definitely see why that trilogy and this one would be likened together. No gay couples so far (I’m still waiting to be able to check out the second book from the library, Insurgent. Someone else has it!) and I really don’t expect their to be. Which is sad, unsurprising. It’s still a good book, though. It follows Beatrice (or Tris as she is later called in the book) and her quest to become her own person and create her own destiny while being true to herself. Along the way there is a love interest for her, betrayals, murders, and a plot to overthrow the current government that she gets wrapped up in by accident and circumstance.


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